Q: What area do you serve?

A: We serve the Twin Cities area

Q: How do I order a spring clean?

A: To begin the spring cleaning service you can either checkout directly here or you can contact us via our contact form for scheduling. To begin routine servicing please fill out the contact form here.

Q: How do I pay?

One time spring cleanings or initial scoops are due at the time of service and/or ordered beforehand via our spring clean page.

For routine scooping we will send you an invoice for the following month in advance, or you can put your card on auto.

Q: What do you do with the dog waste?

A: We will dispose of all dog waste via the trash can in extra strength durable proof bags, doubled up.

Q: What can I expect when I order the service?

A: 1. Upon ordering the service one of our technicians will arrive and notify you of arrival (spring cleanings). 2. Your technician will scoop dog waste. 3. Your technician will deposit double bagged waste into trash can (if accessible). 4. Your technician will disinfect their shoes and tools. 5. Your technician will drive away.

For routine cleaning, we will not notify you every single time as we have found that is unnecessary. (we still can send on the way messages) but usually most people prefer for us to just do our thing.

Q: What if I'm unsatisfied?

A: Let us know! We are focused on providing a quality service. With the highest integrity possible. If you are unsatisfied we will undoubtedly come back!

Q: What is your snow policy?

A: We provide service in most weather conditions, but significant amounts of snow and/or bad road conditions may prevent us from arriving for service during the winter. If it has recently snowed before your scheduled service we can usually locate most of the waste covered by the snow, especially in yards where the waste is in a few common areas. Sometimes we may have to delay or skip the service day. The principle is that what we don’t get this week due to snowfall, we’ll get the next week.

If on routine weekly cleaning- you will be credited the difference in 2 weekly cleanings minus a bi-weekly cleaning. If on Bi-Weekly cleaning the service is pushed back and resumes via normal schedule.

Q: Who is Poo Force?

Poo Force is a family owned private scooping service. We are dog lovers and have been doing this for over 7 years. All of our scoopers have thousands of yards in experience and we enjoy getting outside while helping our clients.